‘What is the difference – really?’

Leadership is about ‘People’ – primarily building relationships and communications. Leadership occurs through human interaction and connection: ‘eyeball-to-eyeball’ contact between the leader and those being led. Put simply, Leadership involves developing a shared understanding, showing mutual respect and building trust.

Management is about the effective harnessing and distribution of resources. Using processes and tools of policy development, planning, budgeting, controls, and compliance. Management involves the use of capital – financial, materiel and human – to grow wealth for shareholders. People are seen as a ‘resource’ – valuable and productive – but often unfortunately reduced to some financial or economic numeric. 



Was founded in 1989 to enhance the leadership capability and effectiveness of managers in Australian organisations. 

Conducts research into leader behaviour, leadership styles, and leadership cultures. It designs and develops specific leadership, teambuilding and culture change programs, and its initiatives and interventions help managers transform organisations, change culture, and build shareholder wealth. 

Has successfully developed leadership in large and medium sized organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Understands the difference between Leadership and Management - and actually knows what they're talking about 

(those that the CEO asks) and can discuss them with the CEO:

• How to do more with less?

• How to create added value?

• How to manage difficult people?

• How to create and sustain high performance?

• How to stimulate and manage innovation?

• How to manage to our values?

• How to manage (and stimulate) change?

• How to connect with our communities?

• How to meet our ethical standards?

• How to meet our legislative and statutory obligations? 


Can define and create a Leadership Culture in a large organisation - and has a track record in doing so

Balances theoretical leadership with the HOW - the practical stuff - and has actually had to do the practical stuff!

Uses the latest neuroscientific, neurobiological, and psychological research and tools to assist participants with a variety of development needs – ACLRAD is not wedded to any current fad!

Uses ACTION LEARNING to produce tangible Leadership results - and helps set up strategic learning projects

Offers a modular or intensive design; and understands the comparative advantages, in terms of costs and outcomes

Can apply ‘outdoor’ methodologies to leadership development without resorting to activities like abseiling, or white-water rafting, or "quaint" team games (e.g., paintball)

Assesses the latent leadership capability of individuals before commencing any development

Provides individual, face-to-face counselling and coaching throughout a Program, and provides honest feedback to participants

Reliably applies the values of the organisation throughout the intervention - with a mature approach to diversity and cross-cultural issues

Includes a focus on Self-Management in a practical, balanced way – with a particular orientation to work-life balance and individual development

Provides face-to-face and on-line support during and after any development or training interventions so that participants are not left to flounder

Uses experienced managers as coaches, trainers, facilitators, or instructors - people who have actually had to ‘lead’

Produces a bottom-line benefit from Leadership Development; measures it and will be accountable for it

Is Australian and has been around since 1989 - understands the unique issues of leading multicultural Australians

ACLRAD is a Business that Specialises In ‘Developing Leaders Who Get Results and Build Value’.

ACLRAD develops and conducts innovative leadership and management development programs to enable managers to do these things and more. 

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